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Have you ever done a Google search for Toys?

Did you know, if you were to do that search right now, the search would produce about 126,000,000 results. Wow! And, the top results of those 126 million searches are major retailers. They are websites where you go, put in a search term, click, and you end up on a page of toys.
Kids About Toys
When you go to all those toy web pages, you see a picture of a toy, then a description of the toy, and a price. That’s OK, I guess, if you have a certain toy in mind and just want to make a purchase, and not worry if the kid you are buying it for will like it, or play with it.

We’re a little different here at Kids About Toys from other toy sites you visit. First of all, we have The Kids About Toys Boys, yep, two of the most energetic toy players in the world today. Many of the toys we talk about, The Boys have and play with. Other toys we hear about from friends, family, and Toy Publications.

Some Toys Kids Play With.
When you read our blog and other pages here on the site, you will see that we provide you with more information about finding some of the best and hottest toys of all time for boys and girls of all ages. We’ll tell you how kids play with a certain toy, and why kids pick the toys they do. You see, kids like to play with toys that are fun, well made, and durable.

Are we against Major Retailers?

No Way! In fact, Kids About Toys has teamed up, with some of those same Major Retailers to provide you with a wide list of toys kids like, that are fun to play with. On our Kids About Toys Shopping Page, you can do your shopping at Mattel, Leap Frog, Ty’s Toy Box, Amazon, Tiggly, Dr. Cool, Paige & Paxton, and Playability Toys, just to name a few. We have it set up so you can shop for all the most popular toys from one page.

Kids About Toys Hide and Seek
You’ll also see that when we talk about toys we include, games, puzzles, books, activities kids enjoy, like Geocaching, and little projects you and your kids can do to have fun together.

The Kids About Toys Boys have a YouTube Channel where they share comments on toys, and their activities. Videos like Gabriel’s John Deere Loader Tutorial, and Sebastian’s Hot Wheels 4 Lane Elimination Track demonstration, along with Cub Scout videos, and other fun activities. Be sure to check it out.

What does all this mean for you?

It means, we are going to do our best, to make sure that when it comes time to shop for toys your first choice is Kids About Toys.

Now, Go ahead and look at the other pages on the website. Be sure to look at the toy Recall page, and when you read the blogs click on the product links and start Shopping.

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